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Smart template for creatives.

Professional tools

Professional tools & Design makes our investments more valuable. And that’s how we work with our startups — as partners.

Professional Products

Professional products & Design can turn a founder’s vision into a product that perfectly fits the real world.

" Build on the principles of excellence. For all the things you want to do. For the things you love. "

Alex Nelson, CEO

Our People

Our team has a rich mix of industry, talent, and executive search expertise.

Sara Glaser


Alex Nelson


Tina Krueger


Run your business

The team will take what’s been provided and run with it, adding to the Board and taking things away, creating a family of assets that can be easily reviewed at a glance. When something doesn’t quite fit.


Deep commitment

Creating a portfolio-worthy presentation to share with a variety of stakeholders used to take an entire day. With Boards, it’s an hour or less. “Doing this manually takes forever. With a Board, it’s fast.

Ark Studio.

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Our goal is to connect you to the experts to help find you what you want, when you want.

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