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Individual Entrepreneur
Startup Company (less than 20 employees and less than $1M revenue)
Growing Company (20-100 employees or less than $10M revenue)
International Company setting up in Louisiana

I'm interested in applying for the OM Accelerator program to get help finding my first customers, plus create a sustainable lead generation system

I'm building my business to pitch for capital injection of $100,000+ in the next 12 months

A friend told me
I attended a meetup or event here
I read about it in the news
I saw it on Facebook
I saw it on Twitter
I searched on Google

If Other, please explain

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Small Business Development Center
OneAcadiana (Lafayette)
OneAcadia (Acadia Parish)

If Other/Individual, please explain

Destin Ortego
Zachary Barker
Alexandria "Alex" Einerson
Jamie Nicholson
Grant Krampe

I have visited OM and taken an official tour