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Don’t just take our word for it: What others thought of Innovate South this year

Don’t just take our word for it: What others thought of Innovate South this year

Observations from those who were there:

  • “Lafayette has a lot to offer, more than you could ever have imagined. Innovate South was a unique window into the entrepreneurial spirit of one of the Gulf's hidden gems,” said Gregarious Narain, founder of more than a dozen companies over the last 25 years. Narain was a keynote speaker.
  • “Meaningful takeaways and accessible conversations were threaded into Innovate South, which made this experience stand out to me as a speaker, panelist, and attendee,” said Sarah Sharif, another keynote speaker and founder of Experimental Civics.
  • Dr. Ryan Cazares, Scott Eye Care: "The Innovate South conference far surpassed my expectations. Everything was incredible, from the presentation of the stage to all of the speakers. I took worthy ideas back to my office and look forward to applying them in everyday practice. Can't wait to go again in 2020!"
  • Laurel Hess, founder and CEO of Hampr: "Collaboration and continuing education are the cornerstones of success and it can make or break a small business -- unfortunately, not all businesses - especially start-ups - have the capital to travel and attend conferences. Innovate South was not only a world-class experience, but the caliber of speakers and knowledge gained for a fraction of what most conferences typically charge was unrivaled. It is truly geared toward helping small businesses and start-ups succeed."
  • Jacob Jolibois, CPO and co-founder of Block Lawncare: "Innovate South is a showcase of the top talent and entrepreneurial spirit in Louisiana. Not only did I have the privilege to learn from top performers in their fields, I was able to start some great friendships over a Swamp Pop and poboy from Pop's."
  • Bobby Fruge, of Under Pressure: "This year’s Innovate South conference absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. The kickoff event was great for networking and I cannot wait to implement the wealth of knowledge presented over the two days from the spread of first-class speakers. I was able to pull a couple central ideas that I will implement into my business immediately. I highly recommend this conference and cannot wait to see what Innovate South 2020 has in store."

  • “Innovate South was one of the best conferences I’ve been to,” said Johnathan Nester, Founder and CFO of Mozi. “It was hosted at a number of beautiful settings around the underappreciated downtown Lafayette. The speakers were entertaining and well-informed. And unique features such as bowling and a professional headshot booth made Innovate South a great experience.”

  • Jaci Russo, CEO of brandRUSSO: “I was honored to be a speaker at the inaugural Innovate South conference. I have the opportunity to speak at conferences across the country and it was incredible to be a part of a national level conference right in my own backyard.

    I had the opportunity to fly to Atlanta after the conference and was seated next to one of the keynote speakers, Brad Wolverton, who spoke highly about his experience in Lafayette. He mentioned the friendliness of the people, the quality of the food, and overall positive vibe of the city. I’m proud our city showed up in such a great way.

    Innovate South, utilized all of the best parts of Downtown Lafayette, and showed the best our city has to offer. It was awesome to speak to dozens of people after my presentation, who are building businesses, growing their brands, and taking advantage of social media and digital tools to spread the word about their businesses.”
  • "Innovate South is another unique asset our region has to offer the world," said Marcus Brown, CMO of Digital Twin Studios. It has been an honor participating in its evolution as it continues to attract, engage and promote the best and brightest minds in innovation."