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Three Ways to Cut Your Marketing Costs

Three Ways to Cut Your Marketing Costs

Now is the time to get creative and find cost-effective ways to improve your top line with your marketing. In last week's session of The Resiliency Series , "Cutting the Burn & Extend Your Runway," we invited hampr founder and CEO, Laurel Hess, to share her advice on how to pivot your marketing strategy to be more budget-friendly. Here is what she had to say:

  1. Revamp your Emails ⁠- Email marketing is a very low cost way to engage with your existing customer base. Sending emails on a consistent basis can help you stay top of mind and they don't always have to be promotional—just a loyalty/thank you email can do wonders.

  2. Make your customers brand ambassadors ⁠- Leverage your existing customers by having them become brand ambassadors—give them a perk for driving new businesses your way with discounts or credits

  3. Don't totally kill your budget ⁠- We all know social media is a pay to play platform. To do it right and make an impact, you gotta pay Zuck. Don't totally slash your marketing budget to zero—keep a small run of social ads going. Cost per impression and click are down right now due to lots of advertisers pulling back—you can turn that to your advantage by getting more bang for your buck because there is less competition. Stay in front of people during quarantine with a small ad budget to keep a hold of your market share.