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Our Mission ...

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Our mission is to help you continue to bring new and innovative solutions to a marketplace that is constantly demanding evolution. Our team has been hand selected to offer you the precision and excellence required when dealing with the high stress of new product development. Whether you need us to develop a design from the ground up or handle the detailed aspects of the design that require additional attention, we can help make the design process a pleasurable one for you and your team.


We are communicators! Have you ever dealt with engineers who are brilliant but don't possess the adequate communication skills to get the job done efficiently? We have had this problem in the past, and recognizing the problem is the birth of the solution. We have not only put together a team of engineers who are among the finest in their respective fields, but we have also demanded that our engineers and designers have the communicative abilities that detail oriented projects demand. Through every step of your project we will be in constant communication with you about your needs. We believe that communication is the answer to efficiency.



Mechanical design, engineering calculations, electrical design, scada, structural design and topside design.

Design and Drafting

3D modelling

Product Design

Designed products including the Fish finder design created for Humminbird, GoPro pole designs GOPRO created for lifestyle brand WRYD and The WP4C by Decagon Devices, is an instrument used by soil scientist to understand how tightly water is bound by soil.

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