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Our Mission ...

Healthcare Focused Business Accelerator

Accelerate South is a business acceleration program focused on accelerating innovative healthcare companies. The ten startups chosen to participate in the program will receive access to titans of the healthcare industry who are willing to open their facilities' doors to test innovative products/services, mentor startups and potentially invest into them as our investing partners – talk about smart money. What’s more is that startups will have access to medical expert mentors, business expert advisers, Professional Service Grants, MBA Candidate Interns, Tailored Curricula, Travel/Lodging Reimbursements along with Office Space in the progressive Opportunity Machine

The time is right to solve major healthcare challenges in America. South Louisiana is a Living Lab open to entrepreneurs ready to solve these critical needs. If you’re up for the challenge, we invite you to learn more or apply now for Accelerate South. Application Deadline July 15, 2018.

Accelerate South

Living Lab Environment

Accelerate South's healthcare partners including Lafayette General, LHC Group, Acadian Companies, VieMed, and The Perret Group will open their doors for testing to companies accepted into the program.

Business Advisors and Medical Mentors

Gain access to our plentiful network of C-Level Healthcare Mentors and Business Advisors ready to help guide your business to the next level of growth!


The program does not require an equity exchange up front but rather offers companies the opportunity to go through acceleration and vie for investment capital through the healthcare institutional investors, Acadiana Angels network and other regional investors.

Interested in working with Accelerate South?

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Website: AccelerateSouth.com | Email: knebel@acceleratesouth.com