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Our Mission ...

Exepron is an Enterprise SaaS solution - Plan, Schedule and Execute a Multi-project Portfolio in real-time!

For environments where late delivery has significant cost consequences or where Reliable Early Delivery will create a Competitive Advantage. Exepron Solutions empowers clients with an unparalleled ability to improve Operational and Sales performance. Where there is a need to increase resource utilization, achieve higher productivity, with visible control of operating processes and the potential of higher sales. Exepron provides an advanced cloud based Planning, Scheduling, Execution and Business analysis Solution.


Portfolio Project Management

According to Gartner:

Exeprons modernized SaaS platform provides effective resource scheduling across a Portfolio of complex Projects. Exepron's strengths include its Predictive capability, Early Warning, an advanced CCPM scheduling algorithm, Revenue, Cost and Resource tracking by project and portfolio, predictive resource loading, advanced Risk Management and Business Intelligence (BI) to meet the C-Suite requirements.

Exepron Health

Exepron provides a forward looking, collaborative care planning tool for resource planning and length of stay (LOS) management to optimize patient flow, nursing resources and bed availability.

Don Mueller, CEO, FACHE Erlanger Children's

Solutions Provider

Training, Implementation Services, Project Coaching, Contract Project Managers, PPM Services, and PMO establishment and Support. Virtual PMO, Project Performance Analysis and Support Coaching as continuous performance support is also available.

Competitive Advantage

Exepron enables rapid transformation of complex scheduling environments to create a competitive advantage delivering bottom line impact.

Companies using Exepron report an average of 95% on-time deliver with 20% shorter lead-times.

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