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Our Mission ...

Healthy Business Starts With Healthy Employees

Lavoro��_��__��_s mission is to empower individuals and businesses through workplace wellness and safety. We strive to strengthen our business community��_��__��_s health by providing science-based wellness and safety solutions that are specific to our clients. We deliver on our promises through strong community partnerships, dynamic community engagement, and healthy community involvement.

Lavoro, LLC

Corporate Wellness Programs

Lavoro provides corporate setting wellness programs that increase the knowledge base of employees with the expectations of positively affecting health behavior and safety. Our packages are a blend of our many services. The employer and employee benefit greatly through knowing their health strengths and deficiencies with the objective to decrease medical visits and insurance premiums.

Desk/Field Ergonomics

Lavoro provides applied ergonomics consulting to assist clients in the development and implementation of cost-effective ergonomic programs. Our goal is to reduce job task stressors on the body to prevent health problems and improve work efficiency and productivity. Our program includes pre/post stretching routines as well.

Health Screenings

Lavoro provides comprehensive health, fitness, and biometric screenings for any size company's workforce. Our assessments include lipid profile, blood pressure, height and weight, BMI and body fat analysis, as well as abdominal, chest, back, shoulder, and leg strength and endurance. Our goal is to provide our clients with screenings that correlate with their industry and workforce demands, and gather up-to-date health data to better steer their program.

Behavior/Lifestyle Management

Lavoro provides individual and corporate behavior modification programs through the most innovative program on the market Blackjack Behavior Modification Program. Lavoro created Blackjack to enhance the overall health of all individuals in 21 focal areas. The key to keeping a good balance does not rely just with good nutrition and staying fit. Lavoro will work on creating a sleep system, decision making skills, creating positive hobbies, amongst other focal areas.

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